What can be Recycled  (5yrs+)

What can be Recycled (5yrs+)

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  • Challenge your recycling knowledge
  • Let children know the meaning of recycling items.
  • Details:

    Aim of the game

    First reverse the item cards and spread them over on the box lid. Then,randomly draw one classification card out of 4. The drawn card shows the correct classified item to be recycled. In this round, the score of the card that is correctly recycled will be double. 

    The drawn classification card can be inserted into slot at the bottom of the box. After plugged in, the game starts. 

    Each child can take 5 out of the scattered item cards. Then, according to the type of the item, classify and put them into your own recycling bin. 

    If the recycling is correct, you can get the score shown on the card 

    When the 5 collected item cards are recycled, each child can draw another 5 item cards until all the cards are drawn. 


    How to win

    After all item cards are recycled, the children need to check whether the cards are correctly put in the right recycle bin. Only correctly recycled cards get score as shown on the cards and the one with the highest score is the winner. 

    There is a hidden symbol at the upper right checking reference. corner of each card as an answer checking reference.



    50 pcs items cards (with score) 

    4 pcs classification cards 

    Package size: 27 x 27 x 5.3 cm.

    Develop skills

    Let children know the meaning of recycling items. Deepen children's recognition of recycled items during the game.