Wall Element - Mirrored Play House (Masterkidz ME06523)

Wall Element - Mirrored Play House (Masterkidz ME06523)

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This is not just a space-saving playhouse, but also a visual training and a colour recognition teaching toy.    The playhouse consists of 3 compartments so that children will have fun putting their own minifurnitures and figurines.  All inside walls and floors are mirrored to encourage children to learn about reflections.  It also help development of spatial skills.  The roof is featured with 3 coloured windows i.e. red, yellow and blue.  The board can be permantly mounted on wall or flexibly used with Masterkidz Flexible Mounting System and Masterkidz Free-standing Painting Window. Made from Russian Birch plywood. 


Item No.: ME06523

Dimensions: 46 L x 46 W x 12.3 H cm

Age: 2 yrs +


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