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Threading fun for all farming fans! The tiles can be threaded onto the farm scene as the mood takes your child or to match the template. In this way, a jolly scene featuring many animals takes shape.

  • fosters fine motor skills
  • includes tear 2 resistant, double sided templates
  • creative threading fun with many possible outcomes


Content: 1 farm, 18 threading tiles, 2 threading cords, 2 template cards (printed on both sides).

Height:    0.6 cm
Depth:    5.1 cm
Width:    34 cm
Length:    25.5 cm
Number of parts:    23 units
Age from:    3 years
Material:    Polyester, Paper, Linden (Plywood)

Threading Game Farm

SKU: 305289
HK$299.00 Regular Price
HK$149.00Sale Price
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