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Stepping Stones (Chalk &Chuckles) 4 yrs+


Roll the dice to see how many steps you have. Place the mat ahead of you, far enough to be able to jump to it. Jump & collect your pevious mat and take another step or stay put. Be the first to reach the finish line.


  • Develops gross motor skills & promotes balance & coordination


  • Develops motor planning


  • Practice number recognition, counting skills or simple basic operations


  • Promotes strategic thinking & decision-making


  • Promotes cooperative play & team building


  • Knowledge of animal life cycles
  • Details

    Contents: 30 MDF Bread Slices, 6 chef hat tokens, Instructions

    Age: 4 yrs+

    • Keep the top half of the sandwiches, which have shapes cut out from them face down.
    • The bottom half of the sandwiches which have the raised shapes must be placed face up and be visible to all the players.
    • Shuffle them around the table so no one knows which halves match. • There is no taking turns in this game; everyone plays together as fast as they can.
    • Announce “Ready, get set go” and grab a top part of a sandwich. Do not turn it over but use your fingers to feel the shapes that have been punched out and create a depression. Pay attention to the number of depressions, their shapes and positions.
    • Look for the bread slice that will match and correctly fit into this slice, completing a sandwich and grabbing a chef hat of the maximum value.
      Continue playing to find more matching pieces to complete the sandwiches.
    • On subsequent turns when you complete a sandwich, you also continue to pick up ‘Chef Hats’ of the highest value.

    Sandwich Mix-up Game Instructions

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