Sorting and Grouping Objects & Sizes (Masterkidz MK08831) 2yrs+

Sorting and Grouping Objects & Sizes (Masterkidz MK08831) 2yrs+

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The 3 rectangular blocks on the top row represent various sizes from small to big.  The 3 round blocks on the left column represent 6 different objects.  To play, teacher or parent can use any one of the 3 round blocks and the 3 rectangular blocks, and ask the kid to match the square blocks with the size blocks.  Or, to place all 3 rectangular blocks and all round blocks on the board, ask the kid to place all 9 square blocks at the right positions.

  • Details

    Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 3.7 cm


    Age: 2yrs+


    Made in China


    Material: European beech, plywood


    Benefits: learn about size comparison, size sequencing and develop logical thinking skills

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