Play Blanket on the Meadow (Haba 301252)

Play Blanket on the Meadow (Haba 301252)

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* mirror foil, rustling leaves and blades of grass for tactile exploring

* 2 play figures for first role play (horse makes tinkle sound, cow squeaks)

* can be folded up - ideal for transporting

* mesh pocket and slip-in pocket for play figures


Lay out the blanket and set off on your discovery trip! The horse and the cow soon jump out of the slip-in pockets and gallop across the meadow to visit their friends, emitting cheerful sounds as they go. Exciting optical, acoustic and haptic elements encourage babies to discover them and provide long lasting play fun.

  • Details

    Dimensions: 54 x 82 cm


    Age: 0m+


    Made in China


    Material: polyester, velour


    Benefits: stimulate senses