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Pajama Party (Chalk & Chuckles) 3 - 6 yrs


Marvin Moo, the cow throws the best pajama parties! He’s invited his friends over and they have come dressed in a mixture of colours. 


Players have fun matching colours and compete to be the first to find the right cow whose cap, slippers, pajama and shirt match the 2 dice colours. The player who grabs the maximum Moo tokens wins the game. What’s more, you can also be the first to find the matching cow to the thinking assignment cards, going beyond colours to look for patterns, shadow and numbers.


  • Quick thinking and action


  • Visual observation & discrimination


  • Logical thinking


  • Colour matching & recognition


  • Problem-solving
  • Details

    Contents: 21 Moo’s friends Tokens, 2 wooden colour dice, 21 Thinking assignment cards, Instructions

    Age: 3 - 6 yrs

    Game 1

    • Spread out the tokens face-up and roll the dice.
    • Look for the card that shows the Moo wearing the same colour combination as that on the dice.
    • The first player to touch that particular token picks it up.
    • Play until all tokens have been picked up.
    • The player with the maximum number of Moo tokens is the winner.

    Game 2: 

    • Spread out the 21 Moo’s friends tokens face-up.
    • Shuffle the ‘Thinking assignment cards’ and place them face down in a pile.
    • Pick up a Thinking card and look for the Moo token that is the solution for it.The first player to touch that particular token picks it up.
    • Play till all the Thinking cards have finished.
    • The player with the maximum number of Thinking cards is the winner.

    Pajama Party Game Instructions