My Very First Games – At the Doctor’s (Haba 304648) 2yrs+

My Very First Games – At the Doctor’s (Haba 304648) 2yrs+

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At Dr. Liebherz’s office, there is never a dull moment: Linus has come for his vaccination, Greta has had an accident and Emma has a cough. The players help the doctor to make her little patients feel better. In free play, the players familiarize themselves with the instruments. The actual game has simple rules requiring a good memory, because the players are now allowed to help treat the patients. And in the interactive game narrative, they can experience a fascinating day at the doctor’s office.


  • 4 handbells, each with a different ring
  • 8 my-very-first listen, music and activity games
  • developed by an early childhood music educator
  • includes several tips for early childhood music development
  • Product details:

    Game instructions from Haba

    Content: 4 patient boards, 1 doctor figure, 1 medicine cabinet, 1 doctor’s case, 6 (cardboard) medical instruments, 2 bandages, 2 drops of ointment, 20 gummy bear counters, 1 set of instructions.

    Age: 2 yrs+

    Number of players: 1 to 4 persons

    Material: Cardboard, Beech (Real wood)

    Made in Germany