My Very First Educational Play Zoo (Haba 305173)

My Very First Educational Play Zoo (Haba 305173)

SKU: 305173
  • 10 varied educational games
  • comprehensive game materials, including 9 large wooden figures
  • multiple degrees of difficulty so the games grow with children!


The zoo is in uproar today! The monkeys are acting up, the greedy rhino is devouring everything in sight, and the chameleons are constantly changing color. With ten different games to play, players improve their concentration, their sense of touch, their understanding of quantity and numbers, as well as their recognition of colors and shapes.


Content: 1 rhinoceros, 1 zebra, 1 flamingo, 1 seal, 1 giraffe, 1 toucan, 1 snake, 1 turtle, 1 Zookeeper Tim, 2 giraffe dice, 1 fabric bag, 1 rulebook


Age from:  3 years


Material: Beech, Cardboard