Monkey Expressions (Chalk & Chuckles CCPPL001) 2.5 - 5yrs

Monkey Expressions (Chalk & Chuckles CCPPL001) 2.5 - 5yrs

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The lovable monkey feels a whole gamut of feelings all day long. Being chased by the bear, he feels sad & surprised to see colourful, beautiful butterflies fly out when he unwraps his gift.


Change the eyes & mouth expressions on the lovable monkey to show what he is feeling. You decide if the monkey is happy, sad, angry or surprised with his day. Or is he just scared?


  • Fine motor skills


  • Oral Expression


  • Emotional identification


  • Self-expression & Confidence
  • Details

    Contents: 1 wooden box, 15 Magnetic pieces: 5 eye pieces, 5 mouth pieces, 5 thought bubbles, Instructions

    Age: 2.5 - 5 yrs

    Level 1: Copy
    Encourage the child to use the puzzle pieces to copy and name the expressions on the monkey. See the monkey feeling ‘Sad, Mad or Glad!’

    Level 2: Recall
    Name the feeling. E.g. “Scared” and ask the child to create that expression on the monkey without reference pictures.

    Level 3: Connect
    Place a situation thought bubble over the monkey’s head. See what is happening and ask the child to identify the feeling. Name the feeling and make that expression on the monkey.