Lettuce Play (Chalk & Chuckles CCPPL018) 3 - 6yrs

Lettuce Play (Chalk & Chuckles CCPPL018) 3 - 6yrs

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The monsters are busy cooking up a storm. Join the fun as they rush to collect ingredients in their cafes. Pleasing Pancakes, Potato Pride, Cutie Cupcakes and Pizza Parade are waiting to open their doors.


Players race to be the Star chef by collecting all the ingredients for their dishes and being the first to shout ‘Lettuce Play’ in a delicious matching and memory game. Even more exciting, they can set up their own cafe and doodle on wipe erasable boards. Get a chance to be creative, invent your own dishes and set up the best cafe!


  • Builds visual observation & discrimination skills


  • Develops creative thinking


  • Promotes social skills and responsibility
  • Details

    Contents: 4 Cafe Boards, 16 Dish tokens, 64 Ingredient tokens, Cloth bag, Wipe-erasable marker, Instructions

    Age: 3 - 6 yrs

    Game 1: 

    • Each player chooses 1 board.
    • Draw a token from the bag and see if it is a matching ingredient for one of the yummy dishes on your board.
    • Collect all the ingredients for your dishes and be the first to shout “Lettuce Play.”

    Game 2: 

    • Each player takes a board and together decide to open a café with 4 or fewer dishes.
    • Choose your dishes and set up your own café.
    • Race to collect all the ingedients as you exercise your visual observation and memory skills.