Kayanak - An Arctic Adventure (Haba 7146) 6yrs+

Kayanak - An Arctic Adventure (Haba 7146) 6yrs+

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Kayanak: In the freezing frost of the Arctic, the Inuit — or polar bears, depending on which edition of the game you own — dedicate themselves to their favorite occupation: ice fishing. Of course each of them wants to make the biggest catch, but they're discovering that this isn't so easy. Only the one who moves across the ice floes with foresight, breaks open the ice at the right spots, and guides the fishing rod skillfully, will be able to get the desired fish out of the water!

In Kayanak, players punch holes through the "ice" (a sheet of paper) to try to catch fish, which are represented by steel balls of various sizes. In the basic game, the first player to catch ten fish wins. For children aged 6 and over, big fish are worth more than small ones, and the fisher with the most points at the end of the game wins.

An ice cold fishing adventure for 2 - 4 players.
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    Game instructions from Haba (see p.7 for English - instruction has an old version cover)


    Age: 6yrs+


    Design in Germany, made in Poland


    Dimensions: 27.4 x 5.5 x 37 cm


    Contents: 1 icescape game board (consisting of two parts placed in the bottom part of the game box), 4 game figures (Inuits in 1st edition/polar bears in 2nd edition), 1 magnetic fishing rod, 15 big fish (big steel balls), 75 small fish (small steel balls), 4 wooden tubs, 1 white action die, 1 turquoise temperature dice, 8 white ice crystals, 5 "No trespassing!" tiles, 5 sheets of A4 paper (ice layer), 1 set of rules


    Material: sturdy card board; steel balls


    Benefits: develop tactical thinking