Hammer Time (Haba 306212)

Hammer Time (Haba 306212)

SKU: 306212

Players knock shiny stones off the box using the hammer. To complete their tasks, they need to collect the right number and color of gemstones. But be careful – anyone who knocks too hard will wake Dragomir the Dragon and lose their loot! The first player to completely fill all four of their wagons wins the game.


Content: 16 large wagon cards (in 4 colors), 9 small task cards, 1 small starting player card, 1 hammer, 90 gemstones (10 clear and 16 each in blue, green, yellow, red and black), 1 play mat sticker, 1 box base, 1 color die (for the master variant), 1 rulebook.


Age from:  5 years

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    Game Instructions with Haba

    • includes large wooden hammer
    • Innovative use of game components
    • with exciting variant for mining pros