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Haba Unicorns in the Clouds (Haba 300123) 3-99yrs

Unicorns in the Clouds: Playfully the four unicorns gallop across the billowing clouds, slide down the rainbow or play with the cloud crystals. Suddenly a terrible thunderstorm is brewing. On their journey to reach the sun as soon as possible, who will help the unicorns collect the most cloud crystals?

An enchanting die competition.

For 2-4 players

Time of play: about 10 minutes

Game instructions from Haba

Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 4.5 cm

Age: 3-99yrs

Made in China

Material: sturdy cardboard

Benefits: develop counting skills and understanding rules
  • Details

    How to play: To start, all unicorns stand on the thundercloud. On a turn, a player rolls the blue storm die and either moves 1-3 clouds or stands in place eating a muffin, forgetting all about the race, the crystals, and everything else. If you land on a pink cloud, you roll the crystal die and receive 1-3 crystals; if you land on a present, you give someone else a crystal from the reserve; and if you land on the front end of a rainbow, you slide along the path to the next cloud. Whoever reaches the final cloud first claims the four crystals there, then players compare their holdings to see who horned their way to victory.

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