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Haba The Orchard (Haba 4170) 3-6yrs

The Orchard is a great game for children and families! Ripe, crunchy cherries, juicy apples, sweet pears and luscious plums hang on the trees. The bold raven knows about the delicious fruit - therefore the players must try to harvest all of the fruit quickly before the raven can snitch them. This is a simple beginning game for children. Each player rolls the dice to see which fruit they will get to pick from the tree - green for apples, yellow for pear, red for cherries, and purple for plums. A fun rolling dice and matching color game. Young children will love picking the fruit and adding it to their basket before the crow eats it all! 

Great family game for 1-8 players and its a co-operative game so there is no one winner - everyone wins or loses together.

Spiel Gut (German "Good Toy" Award)

Age: 3 - 6yrs

Design in Germany; Made in China

Material: cardboard; beechwood

Benefits: learn about colors/shapes; encourage team co-operation; develop precise motor functions

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