The Hidden Key (Haba 4798) 5yrs+

The Hidden Key (Haba 4798) 5yrs+

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The Hidden Key: Woo, woo - resounds from all directions in the creepy castle! Only the little ghost knows where the treasures are hidden. He has always closely guarded his secret. But now he has grown fond of the new castle inhabitants and so he gives them clues about where to find the keys for the hidden treasure vaults. For the inhabitants this means that whoever interprets the clues correctly and is the quickest at finding the keys will win the most treasures. A mysterious hiding game for 3-6 players. 

Game instructions from Haba

Dimensions: 16 x 4.8 x 23.9 cm

Age: 5-99yrs

Made in China

Material: cardboard

Benefits: develop detailed observation and spotting skills