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Haba Fish Catching (Haba 4983) 2 yrs+


Haba Fish Catching: In free play the children experiment with the fishing rod, the sea, as well as all the funny sea inhabitants. They swim happily in all directions and discover many exciting things to play with. In the game with rules the children have to catch a fish of the color appearing on the die. Whoever manages is rewarded by the fish and gets a toy that he can then puzzle into his template. Who is the best angler and collects all his toys first?

For 1 to 4 players. Available with English packaging.

Game instruction from Haba (for English - see p.7)

  • How to get children interested in this first game

    Tic Tac Toe's two cents:

    - Slowly introduce the toy pieces separately e.g. free play (remove the dice and puzzles), catching fish with the fishing rod (fish first, add the fisthing rod);

    - Do the puzzles separately on its own;

    - Match same colour fish with toy puzzle piece;

    - Roll the dice, quickest player to snatch the matching colour fish will keep the fish etc.

    - Don't need to follow the rules until children have become familiar with the pieces.

    - Only when the player masters the pieces, can add on the dice and play the fishing with the dice first (without the puzzles)

    - Finally, add the puzzle element as per instruction when the player has mastered rolling the dice and fishing the matching fish.

  • Details

    Contents: 1 rod with worm, 6 sea dwellers, 1 sea = bottom of box, 4 collecting boards, 1 die with symbols, set of game instructions


    Dimensions: 22.4 x 6.9 x 22.4 cm


    Age: 2yrs+


    Made in Germany


    Material: beech wood, sturdy cardboard


    Benefits: enhance language, auditory and creative skills; develop motor skills

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