Games n’ Fun: Forest Festival (Haba 300785) 2yrs+

Games n’ Fun: Forest Festival (Haba 300785) 2yrs+

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3-in-1 game: The summer feast is coming up in the gnomes’ forest ... for the forest animals there is nothing they like more! The gnomes have prepared a variety of fun games such as: a race up to the fairground, balancing leaves on their heads, an amusing searching game and a flower memory game. Who wants to join in the feast of the forest gnomes and animals?


1-4 players; race, memory, skill and cooperative game


Contents: 1 game landscape, 5 play figures (fox, deer, owl, squirrel, badger), 1 path, 28 tiles, 6 fir trees, 1 die, 5 puzzles, 1 set of game instructions.

  • Details

    * one box with everything inside

    * lavishly equipped with caringly illustrated material

    * 5 wooden animals and 6 wooden trees

    * 3 entertaining stories to read out loud

    * 4 varied game ideas

    * 5 cute jigsaw puzzles of sturdy cardboard


    Game instructions from Haba


    Dimensions: 35 x  35c x 7cm


    Age: 2yrs+


    Made in Germany


    Material: cardboard, wood


    Benefits: develop fine motor skills, concentration, language skills, the recognition of colors and symbols and memory skills