Frido’s Treasure Trove (Haba 304165) 5yrs+

Frido’s Treasure Trove (Haba 304165) 5yrs+

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  • small box, big content
  • fun for the whole family


Frido the Raccoon returns from a successful treasure hunt, but he has hidden his treasures so well that he is now unable to locate them. Are the players able to help him? This game is a test of memory, because the more treasures the players find, the more gems they receive as a finder’s reward. The first player to amass 13 gems wins.

  • Product details:

    Game instructions from Haba

    Contents: 1 Frido Raccoon figure, 16 treasure cards, 1 finder’s reward card, 50 gems (= finder’s rewards), 1 dice, 1 set of instructions.


    Age: 5 yrs+

    Number of players: 2 to 4 persons

    Dimensions: 17.8 x 11 cm

    Material: Plastic, Beech, Cardboard

    Made in Germany


    Short game instructions:

    • Place the treasure cards face down in a circle. Frido, the gems and the finder’s reward card are also placed in the circle.
    • Roll the dice and draw Frido the corresponding number of treasure cards in a clockwise direction. Turn over the card next to Frido.
    • Turn over any other card you like. If they show the same symbol, take the corresponding finder’s reward (1 gem) or turn over additional cards.
    • Turn over a maximum of three additional cards per treasure hunt and get a maximum of 6 gems. If you turn over incorrect cards, you get nothing.
    • The game ends immediately when a player has collected his 13th gem, making them the winner.


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