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Flexible Climbing Wall Large Set, with 9 grips

Climbing wall with flexible grip arrangements


The special thing about these climbing walls is that the distance between the holes is always 12.8 cm - even if several walls are mounted next to each other. In this way, climbing holds can be screwed around quickly and easily when the route changes. The grid holes allow the climbing holds to be screwed around quickly, easily and freely. Thus, a needs-based climbing wall with different levels of difficulty can be designed.The climbing walls may only be mounted on load-bearing walls. Make sure you have adequate fall protection.


  • the climbing holds can be unscrewed at any time
  • Screw connection from the front
  • 18 mm birch real wood panel for the highest demands


Width: 89.6cm

Height: 216cm

Depth: 1.8 cm
Material:    Birch (real wood), MDF, HPL

Flexible Climbing Wall Large Set, with 9 grips

SKU: 474024
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