Feel it again! Letters, educational game (German only)

Feel it again! Letters, educational game (German only)

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The monsters Alphine and Zetto and their friends visit the Johan Ludovic Dracul monster comprehensive school in Ungeheuringen. The monsterkids love their German teacher Ms. Werhäslein.

Only class bully Tebafla not: He separated Frau Werhäslein's letter cards from the corresponding figures and put them in small bags.
Tebafla only wants to move the figures out again when Alphine and Zetto feel the shapes and assign the correct letters. But monster hands can only feel really bad! Who will help Aphine and Zetto and win back Ms. Werhäslein's characters before she notices the mess and becomes sad?
A monster-strong educational game about letters and sounds.


Details:With 26 letters card A to Z

4 varied Spielideenvon experienced educators developed



Age: 5 years

Number of players: 1 - 4 players