Critter Cruise

Critter Cruise

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It’s been raining for hours! The players help Noah get the animals and their suitcases onto the ark. They need to find the matching suitcase for each animal while remembering where the soggy suitcases are. The players win together once all the animals are on the ark.



Content: 1 ark (consisting of the box bottom, 4 partitions, 3 cardboard pieces), 10 round path tiles, 15 suitcase tiles, 10 animals (1 each of an elephant, camel, horse, cow, sheep, pig, fox, cat, mouse, hedgehog), 1 Noah play figure, 1 rulebook.


For 2 - 4 persons 


Age from: 3 years - 99 years


Game type: cooperative game , memory game


Material: Beech, Cardboard




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