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  • a game with corners and edges
  • small box, great game


The players look for the best places to place their cards with the most valuable CONEX corners. Note: A change of perspective might be needed! They play any action stars you have earned. But only the player who manages to keep plan ahead will become the CONEX master.



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HK$179.00 Regular Price
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  • Game instructions from Haba

    Contents: 52 cards (including action cards), 1 starting player card, 1 point tableau, 4 player markers, 2 action stars (2x star, lightning star), 1 symbol die, 1 set of instructions.


    Age: 8 yrs+

    Number of players: 2 to 4 persons

    Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm

    Material: Cardboard, Wood

    Made in Germany


    Short game instructions:

    • Take a game marker and place on the starting space of the point tray.
    • Deal 5 cards to each player from the draw pile.
    • Lay down a hand card (colored CONEX corner on a face of the same color of a card or of the pointtray) or draw two more cards from the draw pile.
    • Move the corresponding number of points from the laid down CONEX corner on the point tray. Then
    comply with action cards(plus 2 card, card with die) or play action stars.
    • The game ends when the final space on the point tray is reached or surpassed or you can no longer lay down a card.
    • The player who has the most points wins the game.

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