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Colorful Roofs Rail with 5 Belongings Bags Set


The pockets are attached to the rail and to each other with press studs. This allows you to lengthen the wall row by row


Thickness/Depth:    1.2 cm

Height:    31 cm

Width:    93 cm

Weight product:    2.65kg

Material:    birch (real wood)


Belongings Bag, Set of 5

Information slips, lost and found items or the children's favorite things are clearly stored in these pockets. A photo or picture in the window reveals who owns the bag. The children can open the "shutters" in the morning and show the others


Contents: 5 pieces transparent window to insert for photos etc. can be arranged variably with snaps washable


Length:    27 cm

Width:    18 cm

Weight product:    0.236kg

Material:    100% cotton

Colorful Roofs Rail with 5 Belongings Bags Set

SKU: 104617
HK$1,680.00 Regular Price
HK$1,000.00Sale Price
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