Clutching Toy Clack Clack (Haba 2649)

Clutching Toy Clack Clack (Haba 2649)

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The colorful elements in red to yellow are also equipped with two plastic rings that can be moved. The little rascals can explore this exciting toy with all their senses and, if they like, also try what the different colors taste like.


The selected colors are of course saliva-proof and the robust design also allows them to be passed on to the following siblings.


With a HABA "Zack Zack" grasping toy, you are choosing a toy with added value.Fine motor skills are important here, because it can be turned, tilted and passed from one hand to the other. Grasping, holding on and moving the rings with the other hand - that's a challenge for every baby from ten months.

Dimensions: Ø 10 cm

Age: 10m+

Made in Germany

Material: beech wood

Benefits: developing motor skills and natural curiosity