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Chief Boom Pat-a-bang (Haba 300124) 6-99yrs

A rhythmic game of reactions for 3 - 5 drummers. Includes “Fex effect” to enhance the degree of difficulty. 

Big chief Boom Pat-a-bang wants to announce something important and summons his whole tribe at the request of the wise shaman Ta-Ta-Tum. The shaman needs to determine who is the best rhythm reader. His help is needed so that the deaf medicine man can understand the gibberish of the other Indian tribes who are drumming their messages across the valley. The American Indians are really keen to take on this honorable mission; everyone wants to participate.

So drum the different rhythms and prove your quick-wittedness. Whoever is the quickest at recognizing the drum sequences, hits the correct motif and collects the most cards, will in the end win this important drum roll.

Contents: 1 tambourine, 27 drumcards (showing 6 picture motifs), 4 shamancards, 1 skunkcards, 5 swattinghands, 1 set of game instructions
  • Details

    Game instructions from HABA 

    Dimensions: 27.1 x 6.8 x 37.1 cm

    Age: 6-99yrs

    Made in Germany

    Material: cardboard, plastic

    Benefits: encourages concentration, impulse control, listening and sequence recognition skills

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