By Golly, a Whistling Pig! (Haba 302391) 5yrs+

By Golly, a Whistling Pig! (Haba 302391) 5yrs+

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* quick to explain and get started

* a bluffing and competitive game for the whole family

* a racing game for 2-4 players

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    The pig pen is busy! Farmer Kasulke has just put some fresh apples in the feed boxes and now all the piglets are excitedly running around. But getting to the sweet apples is not so easy. Only the player who has a bit of luck guessing and keeps an eye on the other players’ piglets can let his or her piglet whistle or jump at the right time ... and thus collect the coveted apples.


    Contents: 1 jigsaw puzzle game board (3-piece), 4 wooden piglets, 6 racing cards, 16 apple tiles, 1 set of game instructions.


    *** Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.


    Dimensions: 15.7 x 5 x 23.6 cm


    Age: 5 - 99 yrs


    Made in Germany


    Material: card, wood


    Benefits: develop concentration and thinking skills