Boom, Bang, Gold

Boom, Bang, Gold

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Gold has been found in the sleepy town of Old Town. Since then all hell has broken loose here! Gripped by the gold rush, everyone grabs a stick of dynamite and throws it into the gold mine. Now a good eye and speed are required ... this is the only way to avoid going empty-handed in the end!


Contents: 1 gold mine (box bottom with 2 inserts), 4 characters with gold boxes, 4 dynamite sticks, 4 shelves, 1 pocket watch (lap counter), 160 tiles: 82x rubble, 35x legal gold nuggets, 35x illegal gold nuggets, 4 special tiles (1x bat, 1x snake , 1x rat, 1x ghost), 4 action tiles (1x hoe, 1x dynamite, 1x revolver, 1x sheriff star), 1 set of instructions.


Age from:  7 years


Material: Wood, Cardboard