Blocks - Extra Large Starter Set (Haba 1077)

Blocks - Extra Large Starter Set (Haba 1077)

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Suitable for beginners to expert architects. 102 piece selection of blocks will create an architect or carpenters dream. Compatible with all 4 cm x 4 cm blocks from Haba. Can withstand drops and crashes without damage. As the blocks are heavy, you can build up tall towers. You can also mix with your existing toys at home e.g. garbage truck, doll figures to add more context to the free play. Suitable for the children, parents and grand-parents. 

Dimensions: shapes in standard dimensions (4 x 4 cm)

Age: 1-8 yrs

Made in Germany

Material: solid natural untreated beech wood

Benefits: learn about shapes and structural engineering; stimulate spatial thinking skills; develop patience and fine motor skills
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    Contents: 102 pieces in domes, rectangles, squares, arches and many more shapes. Fabric bag for storage included.