Animal Upon Animal (Haba 4478) 4yrs+

Animal Upon Animal (Haba 4478) 4yrs+

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Haba Animal Upon Animal: The animals want to show how capable they are at making a tall pyramid! Who will position the penguin on top of the crocodile, the sheep on top of the penguin, the serpent on the sheep, the tucan ... A wobbly stacking game for 2 - 4 players. With variation for one player. Available with English packaging. 

Game instructions from Haba (for English, see p.7)

2008 Vuoden Peli Children's Game of the Year Winner

Dimensions: 22.3 x 5.1 x 22.9cm

Age: 4-99yrs

Design in Germany; Made in China

Material: beechwood

Benefits: develop prediction and balancing skills (fine motor skills); learn about different animals; train emotions - e.g. cope with failure when the animals collapse
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    Video from Haba

    Contents: 29 wooden animals (1 crocodile, 4 penguins, 4 monkeys, 4 hedgehogs, 4 snakes, 4 toucans, 4 sheep and 4 lizards), 1 die with symbols and set of game instructions