Animal Shape Sorting Board (Masterkidz MK00613) 2yrs+

Animal Shape Sorting Board (Masterkidz MK00613) 2yrs+

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This toy consists of 9 animal blocks in 9 different colors with the respective animal names printed.

Suggested play:
a) matching the animals to the board (recognising the colours and also developing the concept of left and right as the animal heads always point to the left in order to match to the board)
b) putting all the animals on the board. Ask which animal is it. Get the child to say. If correct, s/he can keep the animal
c) for more advanced player: I spy with my little eye something that starts with "d" - duck.
d) free-play with other toys like farm house, container, tractors.

Note: Masterkidz board comes in plastic wrap with no box.

Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 2.3 cm

Age: 2 yrs+

  • Details

    Made in China


    Material: European beech, plywood


    Benefits: learn colours and animals with fine motor skills; develop the concept of left and right

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