Addition Subtraction Learning Board

Addition Subtraction Learning Board

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Teaching addition and subtraction is a lot easier with this Addition & Subtraction Learning Board. Learning Maths has become easy and fun! 

By moving the blocks either onto the top section or removing them you can quickly demonstrate the basics of adding and subtracting. The result is simply shown on the top bar of the panel.

Example: a) to find out what is 1+2, put a ""1"" block on the top left, then add a ""2"" block next to "1". Read the number on the top panel bar for the answer i.e. 3.
b) to find out what is 10-2, start from the bottom panel. Put the "2" block in the bottom panel to the left of the line reaching 10 on the top bar. Read the answer i.e. 8 (number on the top bar to the left of the "2" block).

Note: Masterkidz board comes in plastic wrap with no box.

Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 2.7 cm

Age: 3 yrs+
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    Made in China Material: European beech, plywood Benefits: develop addition and subtraction math skills