119 piece Pipe Builders' Kit (Masterkidz ME13064)

119 piece Pipe Builders' Kit (Masterkidz ME13064)

SKU: ME13064

Using the Pipe Builder’s Kit, children can make interesting routes for a ball or water to flow through.


The set comprises of 119 pieces including clear ridged tubes and white plastic connectors at 90 and 135 degrees, as well as ‘T’ connectors providing opportunities for numerous whacky routes.


There are 5 colourful balls and a variety of plastic pouring jugs and funnels to enable water play too.


Components are connected to the STEM WALL® using fixing bands and screws.


There are 2 large valves to stop the water flow mid-way through a system and a tap - that can be either on or off.


Children will be able to see water backing up to the value (if switched off) and then allow it to flow through when they want too.


There are some long flexible tubes too, which form an excellent uninterrupted route for the balls which can be connected by clear ridged tubing.


A handy water pump is available separately to enable children to lift water to the top of the system and to create closed loop water cycles.


Item No.: ME13064

Age: 3 yrs +


Delivery time: 10-15 working days from full payment

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