50B Shopping  (WaveLay WKA005-02)

50B Shopping (WaveLay WKA005-02)

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Build amazing things using Waveplay's unique soft and flexible connectors!


Build the included models or use your imagination to create your own endless 3D objects with the soft, reusable parts.


Made in Korea.


This large pack comes with more wave bars to allow you to make bigger and more complex objects.


WaveLay is a new concept of educational toys that can create any shape unlike traditional block toys.


With the unique soft connectors, it is possible to express a soft curved line and a variety of shapes can be repeatedly made unlike clay products which is impossible to return to the original state.


Since every expression of line, face and solids is possible, the toy provides children with a rich and diverse experience and can also be used as a molding art tool for adults.


Soft, tender, cushiony, and non poisonous, WaveLay's special material has a soft wire built in to allow you to shape it as you desire.


Included: Wave Bar x 41pcs, Connector x 26pcs, Wheel x 4pcs, Paper cards x 10pcs, Guide Book x 1pc


Age: 3 yrs+